Syed Sibte Jaffer Zaidi
7th March 1957 – 18th March 2013

He was a Poet, a Writer, a Teacher and a reciter whose voice had the power to change a person from inside. When he recited the sacrifice of Imam Hussain A.S, not only our eyes but our hearts wept for Imam.

He facilitated religious and academic education for many children.
He facilitated financial assistance to many families within Pakistan.
And did a lot more not only for the Shia community but for Pakistan as well.
Despite of his great work , a humble man who lead a simple life and prayed for Martyrdom through his poetry.He embraced martyrdom today on Karachi while he was going home from the college where he served as a Principal.

He was famously known as “Ustaad” (Teacher)

Sir , you achieved what you wanted but we have lost a teacher and we will never recover from this great loss.

Kindly recite Surah e Fatiha for the departed Soul.
Thank You

Breaking news :

KARACHI: Poet and former principal of Liaquatabad College Professor Sibte Jafar was shot dead in Karachi on Monday, Express News reported.

According to initial details, unidentified armed men opened fire at Jafar while he was commuting through the Liaquatabad area on his motorbike.

Jafar’s body was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

Police have started its investigation and more security personnel were summoned to keep the security situation in the area under control.

Evidence collected from the crime scene suggested that a 9mm pistol was used in the crime.

In the immediate aftermath of Professor Jafar’s murder, professors and lecturers in the province have announced a boycott of educational activities on Tuesday.

Apart from his educational duties, Professor Jafar was well known for his sozkhwani andmarsia recitals. He was also known for his poetry.

It has not been confirmed as yet if this was a sectarian attack.

The Shia Ulema council has announced three days of mourning and demanded that the killers be arrested immediately.

Shia community members have been targeted in the city by extremists. Recently, at least 50 people were killed in a terrorist attack in a Shia-neighbourhood of Abbas Town.