Sheikh Abbas Panju


Sheikh Abbas Panju Yaimam

Sheikh Abbas Panju MAYF Foundation, Manchester 1438 2016

1. Tafseer of Sura Al Hamd Video
2. Manifestation of the victory of Allah [swt] Video
 3. Did the Shias kill Imam Hussain [as] ? Video
 4. The relationship between the Quran & the Ahlulbayt Video
 5. Understanding the heritage of Hadith literature Video
 6. Analysing the divinity of Ziyarat Ashura Video
 7. Imam al Hujjah [as] & Karbala Video
8. Understanding the Sha’air Allah [swt]  Video
 9. The concept of Loyalty, Hazrat Abbas [as] Video
 10. Comparison of Nabi Ibrahim & Imam Hussain [as] Video
11. Sham e Ghariba Majalis Video
12. Post ashura tragedy Video

Sheikh Abbas Panju KSIMC of London- Stanmore

Secrets of Salaat 1 Thursday night 1/14/16 Video
Secrets of Salaat 2 Thursday night  1/28/16 Video
Secrets of Salaat 3 Thursday night  2/18/16 Video
Secrets of Salaat 4 Thursday night  2/25/16 Video
Secrets of Salaat 5 Thursday night  3/3/16 Video
Secrets of Salaat 6 Thursday night  3/17/16 Video
Secrets of Salaat 7 Thursday night  4/7/16 Video

Majlis1437 At Jaffari Center ATL USA 1437-2015

Chand Raat 30th Zil Haj Video
1st Muharram Video
2nd Muharram Video
3rd Muharram Video
4th Muharram Video
5th Muharram Video
6th Muharram Video
7th Muharram Video
8th Muharram Video
9th Muharram Video
10th Muharram Video
11th Muharram Video


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