Sayed Hossein Al Qazwini


Al Ahad Islamic Center-Ramadhan 1438 June 2017

1. Fiqhi Solutions to Fasting Long Hours Video
2. Respect for Scholars Video
3. Instagram Marriages Video
4. Misusing Khums: Myth or Reality? Video
5. Taqlid of the Most Learned Video
6. The Benefits of Giving Sadaqa Video
7. How to Live a Long Life Video
8. The Three Young Imams Video
9. An Islamic Perspective Video
10. New Fiqhi Perspectives on Women in Islam Video
11. Comparative Views on Dream interpretation Video
12. No Harm in Islam Video
13. The Possibility of Miracles Video
14. Encouraged or Discouraged? Video
15. The Generosity of Imam Al Hassan Video

Muharram 1438

1. How Hollywood Manipulates us Video
2.Coping with Depression Video

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