I wanted to say Thank you to our Brother’s and Sister’s Ahlulbayt Tv for these excellent documentaries.

1 The Legacy – Imam Hussain Exhibition in London
2 Ashura: Generation X
3 ISIS: A Sunni-Shia War?
4 Ascent – Climbing the UK’s highest mountain
5 Islamophobia: Cause & Effect
6 Road to Remembrance
7 Muharram in the Jungle. Karbala in Calais
8 Afghan – The Afghani Shia of Toronto
9 Shades of Racism – Racism in Our
10 Beyond Our Eyes – Imam Hussain in the eyes of non-Shia Muslims
 11 The Redeemer – The Relationship Between Imam Mahdi & Imam Hussain
12 Khoja: from Struggle to Conviction
13 Al-Husayn Ibn Ali – The History
14 Imam Hussain(A.S.) Museum
15 A Family of Orphans – Adopted orphans in Tanzania
16 Without a Home: The European Refugee Crisis
17 Grand Design – Shia in Malaysia
18 What school is best for my kids? – Public vs. Islamic vs. Homeschooling
19 The Village Academy – Western Education in Zanzibar
20 Jesus In Islam
21 Faith Behind Bars – Shi’a Islam in American Prisons
22 Amelies: The Shi’a of Lebanon
23 The Imam Ali Library – Najaf
24 Evil and Suffering: Where is God?
25 The Sunshine Community – Husseini Islamic Center, Orlando
26 The Abandoned – The Forgotten Orphans of Karbala, Iraq
27 Publishing: A Labour of Love
28 Zaman: Hope for Humanity – Helping widows, the poor & the needy in America & beyond
29 Hope and HYPE – Unity through basketball and athletics
30  ISIS – “Islamic” Extremism? | Full Documentary – HD
31 Al Ridha (pbuh) – The life and times of Imam Ali Ibn Musa Al-Ridha
32 The Destruction of Baqee


Please recite a Surah Fateha for all Merhoom Momineen and Mominaat.